The Disney Seven!

Chapter 3 (I)

Now, let's head for the various locales where Jiminy will recruit "the Disney Seven". Ah, the cricket was right! Some folks will have to be -- ahem -- coaxed into taking this job. Read on as the first stop is Pride Rock...
Nala didn't want to believe it, but what Jiminy said was true. Three of Disney's baddest had escaped the void and presently have settled, and taken over completely, the Disney loving town of Walroy. And Jiminy has pressed Simba to help!
"Do what you have to do, Simba," she said, knowing she'll miss her mate. "But please be careful, especially around that Cruella. I don't want her to turn you into a coat!"

Simba laughed, saying, "Don't worry about me, Nala. Hey, I've had tougher fights before. I faced down Scar, didn't I?"
Nala nodded then voiced her concern. She wanted to accompany Simba but he wouldn't here of it. "No, Nala, you need to be here for the cubs. And don't forget Timon and Puumba are here to help you out."
She sighed, knowing the antics of those two just might turn things topsy turvy. So, she said with a wry smile, "And I have your mother to make sure things go smoothly in your absence."
Jiminy smiled with relief; he wasn't sure Simba would take this job, knowing that the Lion King may come face-to-face with the fur-loving Cruella. "And don't forget we have a couple more baddies. Gaston and LeFou will be pushovers, but Frollo!" The very name sent shivers down Jiminy's spine.

Now Nala was really alarmed. She remembered Esmeralda's account of what happened in 1482 Paris during the Feast of Fools, and how Frollo terrorized all of Paris just to hunt down the outspoken Gypsy dancer. "Oh no, you have to deal with him?" Nala grew quite agitated but understood the urgency of the matter. Simba reassured her with, "Come on, Nala, Frollo is like Scar, and I'm sure he has a weak spot." Turning to Jiminy, he said, "Who else do you have in mind for this caper?"

The cricket, looking at his watch, carefully rambled off names, much to Simba and Nala's approval. However, there was a catch – the medieval Paris connection. "Uh, Jim, are you positive you want Quasi and Esmeralda in on this? The last time I spoke with Quasimodo, he said he didn't want anything more to do with Frollo. Just being in the man's presence for twenty years was awful enough."
"Well," said Jiminy, "that's a chance we'll have to take. We'll make Paris our last stop. I just hope I can coax Quas and Esme to come along." Looking at his watch again, Jiminy told Simba to say his goodbyes to his family and friends. "If we want to get to the Nesting Grounds before sundown, we'd better hurry!"


Cretaceous Chic...The Nesting Grounds
"Say what??? You want Aladar to clobber You-Know-Who just like he did Kron?" Those words came from the aged styracosaur Eema. In a way, she wished Jiminy had asked her; she'd tell Claude Frollo a thing or two. "And I just might sit on him while I'm chewing him out!"
"Oh, Eema, don't do that!," said the genteel brachiosaur Baylene. Such violence is never employed, not for Baylene, although deep down inside she wished it was she who did the sitting. How awful for that wonderful little town to bear such a fate. Oooh, if I had my way I'd give him a good earful.
Aladar, the leader of the Herd, laughed at the ladies' comments. "No need for that, Eema. I'll be OK, and extremely careful." Turning to Jiminy and Simba, he said, "And what is my role in this? You have Simba. Who else is coming with us?"

Jiminy perched on a high rock so he could at least be eye-to-eye with the huge dinosaurs, although it was a losing battle what with the cricket being so small. But his one hurdle in this prehistoric paradise was finally making her way to the lake.
It was Plio, Aladar's lemur mom. "All right, Jiminy. What's wrong? Why do you want Aladar?"
Jiminy answered in a flash, "We got trouble in Walroy, Plio, and I think Aladar here will be just the one we need to get rid of You Know Who." When Jiminy referred to the man that way, Plio knew exactly who he was talking about. Sighing, she told her adopted son, "Aladar, you go with Jiminy and Simba. Help those poor people get rid of Frollo! There! I said the name."
There was one more thing Aladar had to do: say goodbye to Neera. "It won't be easy on her, being without me for a few days..."
"Hey, I can take care of myself," said an approaching Neera. Then with a smile that reminded Simba of Nala's grit and spit, she said, "Go get 'em!"


A seaside kingdom is the next stop...
"No, Mom. I don't want you to go!"
Melody protested and cried. It was not often Ariel left her family, except for extreme emergencies, and THIS was an emergency!
"Don't you see, Melody," Ariel said gently to her daughter, "with the likes of Gaston and Frollo running the town, the citizens have no other help but us. I've already told your father what's going on, and he says it's OK for me to go."
Melody dried her eyes, knowing that her mother faced certain danger. "It's not as if you haven't done this before, Mom. After all, you saved Atlantica from Ursula's clutches, and you saved me from Morgana." Ariel hugged her child, telling her not to worry. "We've been through some tough times together, but don't worry about me. You have your father to look after you, and don't forget Sebastian and Flounder."
"And," said Melody, finally smiling and laughing, "don't forget Scuttle and Grandpa. And I have all my aunties, too!"
How much Melody looked like her father, Eric, with her black hair and big gray eyes. She didn't mind doing this favor for Jiminy, after all, it could be Eric or Melody in trouble and Ariel would always be there to help them out. But Ariel was puzzled as to why Jiminy would even ask her. She's of the sea, and Walroy is hopelessly landlocked.

Jiminy explained that since she, Simba, and Aladar have no personal connections to the escaped villains, they would be perfect. Even Frollo never had to tangle with a lion, dinosaur, or a mermaid. The cricket these three could be of tremendous help. He looked at his watch, realizing he had a couple more stops. "Well, Ariel, it's time to head for Walroy. You, Simba, and Aladar take this key." He produced a golden key -- a magic key -- which would allow them safe passage into Walroy undetected by Frollo or his minions. "You'll be staying with Tina, president of the town council. She has her hands full these days what with dealing with the likes of Claude Frollo, not to mention Gaston and Cruella."
When he mentioned Gaston, then said where he was off to next, it gave Ariel pause. "I don't know, Jiminy. You think it's wise to ask Belle? She really can't stand Gaston, and neither do I."
"Oh," replied the cricket, "I think I can coax her into come along. It might be the jolt Gaston needs, seeing her again."
"Yeah," said a hysterically laughing Melody, "she could chuck him out the door just like she did in the movie!"


Somewhere in 16th Century France, in an enchanted – well, it was enchanted at one time...
"Oh, my dear, do you think that's wise? I mean, it was bad enough dealing with him the first time, but a second!"
Those words came from Mrs. Potts, who poured steaming tea into a tiny cup for Jiminy. She listened to the cricket's tale of villains escaping the void. One of those baddies was none other than Gaston, that vile boorish man who tormented Belle so. He was so determined to have the brilliant girl as his "trophy wife" that he nearly had her father Maurice thrown in the looney bin. Thank goodness Belle found love in the prince who was, long ago, transformed into a hideous, foul-tempered beast. It was Belle who showed him how to love and be loved.
His Highness, also listening to Jiminy's tale of woe, had his reservations. True, he supported Belle in everything she did, but what Jiminy asked...

"Belle," the prince said, "are you sure you want to do this? After all, Gaston nearly killed me; he could've had you as his wife, a far worse fate than death."
Belle, lovely in her pink gown that accentuated her dark hair and big blue eyes, thought over what Jiminy said. Is it true? Gaston and Cruella have taken over Walroy? And Claude Frollo is acting as its ruler? It did amuse Belle to learn that a boor as Gaston actually working for the refined, aristocratic Frollo. Imagine, Gaston and LeFou, getting tied to a pillory all because they're too "common" for Frollo. Actually, this was one adventure to which Belle was looking forward. For one, she would be reunited with her good princess friend Ariel. And working alongside formidable heroes as Aladar and Simba gave her joy unbounded. A naturally curious, intellectual woman, Belle thirsted for knowledge, and she always wanted to ask Aladar about life in the Cretaceous. Her only regret was that neither Nala nor Baylene were accompanying this special team of Disney heroes. But Belle was glad that Jasmine and Esmeralda were coming along.
"Uh, Jiminy, they are coming, aren't they?," she asked.
"Well," replied Jiminy, "Agrabah is the last stop on my list. I'm off to 1482 Paris to enlist Esmeralda and Quasimodo."
Belle was taken aback. Why would Quasi and Esmeralda want even to tangle with Frollo again? She knew she could handle Gaston, but Esmeralda most likely would refuse the job.

Not that I don't blame her...honestly, the way he carried with her on in Notre Dame...grabbing her like that......threatening her...then he burns down half of Paris to look for her...and how he tricked Quasi into finding the Court of Miracles...

Belle knew the time to leave was soon. She kissed her prince goodbye and left messages for her father and the servants.
"All right, Jiminy, let's be on our way. If we don't get a plan in motion and soon, Walroy could end up just another provincial town if Frollo has his way."


Next to last stop...Notre Dame's cathedral...Paris, 1482...
The usual circle of friends gathered in Notre Dame's bell tower: Quasimodo, Esmeralda, Phoebus, the gargoyles, and Clopin. What Jiminy said threw them for a loop. And the cricket had to nerve to say he needed their help to oust You Know Who. That man, with his villainous companions, presently ran the Disney-loving town of Walroy, and he was making life for the good citizens a total nightmare.
"Uh, Jiminy," said Phoebus, "are you sure you want US to help you? Come on! It was bad enough with Frollo the first time around."
Esmeralda echoed Phoebus with, "Yeah, and if you want to include me on your little caper, count me out. Ugh! Just the thought of being within ten feet of Frollo gives me the heebie-jeebies."
Now it was Clopin's turn. "Jiminy, while I appreciate your need for us to help you, I am like Esme and Phoebus. I'm afraid I will have to take a pass on your request. Dealing with that monster again, after all the havoc he wrought all over Paris, is something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy." Then the Gypsy King laughed long and hard, adding, "Imagine my worst enemy, Claude Frollo, doing battle with himself!"

OK, pondered Jiminy Cricket, this is going to be a tougher sell than I thought. I may need to enlist some reinforcements. This job demands Quasi and Esmeralda's presence...and I know just the one who can finally convince them to say "Yes"...

Quasimodo remained strangely silent throughout the confab. Well, being a part of the outside world, thanks to Esmeralda, Quasi would normally jump at the chance to help those in need. But this was Frollo we're talking about, the very man who terrorized and brutalized the deformed young man for twenty years. Quasi pondered a bit, recalling the final confrontation with Frollo. A newly empowered Quasimodo, holding his master at knifepoint, declared, "All my life you've told me that the world was a dark cruel place! But the only thing dark and cruel about it is people like you!"
Well, according to Jiminy, wasn't Frollo making the pleasant little town of Walroy a dark cruel place? Why is this resistance to help his dear friends – and Quasi regarded the Walroyites as special friends – so difficult to fight? Part of him wanted to help, but another part said, "No way!"

He excused himself from his company, went out on the landing overlooking la Place de Notre-Dame, just to think over Jiminy's request. Sure, he would have much help; it's not as if he would be doing this alone. And it amused him that the likes of Simba and Aladar were joining forces to oust Frollo and company. But...
"Quasi, Quasi. What's wrong? Wanna tell old Laverne about it?"
The gargoyle Laverne, a kindly, wise grandmotherly lady, tried to talk some sense into the bell ringer. It wasn't like Quasimodo to pass on a challenge. After all, it was he who found courage to defy Frollo and attend the FoF despite his master's orders to "Stay in here." Quasi defied to Frollo again when the judge threatened to destroy the Court of Miracles. Come on! He even waged a valiant effort to thwart Frollo's men after he rescued Esmeralda from a fiery death.
"It's just that," said Quasi, "I don't want to relive all those memories again, you know, dealing with Frollo's cruelty and all."
Laverne knew a pep talk was in order. "Quasi, listen to me. There are people who really need your help. Heck, you've faced down Frollo before and you can do it again. You can't let him win this time, and if you don't honor Jiminy's request, Frollo will win. Just think what would happen to those good folks if Frollo gets his way."

Quasimodo thought about what Laverne said, finally agreeing to take on the challenge. "OK, I'll go! But I need one more person to help me..."
"Say no more, Quasi. I talked it over with Phoebus and Clopin. And I'll do it, for you, and for those good people."
Esmeralda, the lovely dancer, the first person who ever regarded Quasimodo with kindness and acceptance, appeared at his side. "We'll take Djali along, too, because I'll miss him so much."
Quasi was alarmed. "Are you sure, Esmeralda? With Cruella deVille doing Frollo's bidding, aren't you afraid Djali might end up goatskin bag or something?"
Esmeralda shot Quasi an amused, sly look, replying, "Not if I can help it!" Then, "Besides, I like Tina, and I know that she's really suffering under Frollo's thumb. And I think I have a plan that we girls can use to get under his skin..."
"Oh no, Esme, you mean...?
The dancer smiled again, knowing the judge's peculiar weakness. "If Tina and I do this right, then Claude Frollo will find himself in a very bad way. Poor guy won't know what hit him."


OK, Jiminy has almost all his Disney Seven. Just one more stop to make...
"What do you mean she can't go?"
"She' can I put this delicately?"
"Well, come on Your Highness, say it! I haven't got all day, and time's of the essence."

Jiminy Cricket, in Agrabah's splendid royal palace, couldn't believe his rotten luck. He surely thought that Jasmine, or at least Aladdin, would be the seventh Disney hero needed to roust the baddies out of Walroy. And he was sure Jasmine would bring along Rajah or at least the Genie, but what the sultan said knocked him for a loop.

Now what am I to do? Can't go back and tell the folks my team is short one player. I gotta think of someone else, but who?

Aladdin, entering the throne room, said to his father-in-law, "Jasmine's resting up. She's going be OK, but," he then turned to Jiminy, adding, "I'm sorry, Jiminy, but Jasmine can't make it, not in her condition."
Jiminy was adamant on knowing exactly what this condition was. "Aladdin, you have to level with me...Why can't Jasmine come to Walroy? I could really use her help."
Aladdin and the sultan hesitated, but they knew the news would reach all the Disney characters in time. "Jiminy," said Aladdin, "Jasmine and I are going to be parents!"
The cricket nearly fainted! "What??!! She's expecting?"
"Oh yes!," the sultan said with pride. "It was all confirmed by our physician. Baby won't be born for another seven months, so..."
"Well, I completely understand," said Jiminy who, despite his sincere happiness for Aladdin and Jasmine, had no idea who else to enlist at the last minute.


"Now what will I do? I can't think of anyone else willing to take on the challenge."
Jiminy sat on the broad porch of Tina's sprawling Victorian farmhouse, pondering how to break it to the Disney Seven. "Well, it's the Disney Six for now." He sat with his head in his hands. Poor Jiminy! He assembled the oddest, quirkiest assortment of Disney heroes, but he was lacking one more. This seventh hero has to be extra strong, brave, a real go-getter. Just who....

Suddenly, as if by magic -- well, it was magic -- Tinkerbelle zoomed up to Jiminy, whispered something in his ear, then hung around waiting for further instructions. Jiminy couldn't have thought of anyone better! The little fairy saved the day!
"OK, Tink, go get this one and tell 'em to get here fast, but...Wait! I have an idea!" He told Tinkerbelle his plan and the pretty fairy laughed at the cricket's suggestion. She simply nodded and flew off into the night.

There! Maybe with this one, ousting Gaston, Cruella, and Judge Frollo will be a piece of cake! I just hope the others go along with the ruse.

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