The Disney Seven!

Chapter 12

Carl's soda shop teemed with activity. Never, not since those Disney villains escaped the void and took over the town, had Carl seen such a crowd. Perhaps the Disney Seven had things in hand. Maybe Frollo and his companions have been sent packing, but this was not yet confirmed. All he knew was what Tina told him early this morning: "Walroy will be rid of Cruella and Frollo by end of today. I got the best and brightest of Disney's heroines helping us."
All well and good, thought Carl, but still no word on what exactly was going on down at City Hall. The place, except for a couple of security guards situated at the entrance, seemed a tad deserted. At least that was the word Ruth passed along: "I got everyone out of the building just as Tina met Frollo downstairs in the jail. Can't take any more chances of the scheme going haywire. When Aladar arrives with the 'reinforcements', then have everyone come outside. We'll give Claude Frollo and Cruella DeVille a send-off they'll never forget, nor will we."


"How can I explain this, Cruella. See, we got wind of Frollo's plan to keep this little beast all to himself. Simba told us you wanted this animal's fur, so Tina here lured His Honor down here, showed him the torture chamber, and...Well, you see what's become of him."
Ariel, desperately trying to keep a straight face, plainly explained to Cruella as to why Claude Frollo's present predicament. She also offered a plausible excuse as to the Disney heroes' presence.
"Well, Cruella. It's like this: We had the beast under lock and key, but Frollo stole it from us. We just came to rescue it, but seeing you want its fur..."
"What Ariel is trying to say," rejoined Belle, "is that this creature is very dangerous, too dangerous for us to keep. We can't train it, can't control it. It tore up the house where Gaston and LeFou stayed. That's what spooked them so. They begged Frollo to send them back to the villains' void. So, Cruella, if you still want a coat made out the animal's fur, be our guest. We won't miss it."

Cruella pondered what Ariel and Belle's words. So what Simba and Aladar said was true: Frollo had it planned all along. He wanted this rare little beast to himself; he stole it, and knew she coveted the fur.
"So that's why it's down here," she said, indicating the locked crate. "And why poor Frollo is...trapped in that ingenious contraption. Honestly, girls, you really made my day. Look at him, all trussed up, bouncing around like a kangaroo on a stick!" She tossed back her hair, laughing maniacally, her ermine cape swinging about her thin body.
"Just tell me when I can take this little guy home. I can't wait to see that luxurious blue fur draped around me."
Esmeralda and Ariel looked at each other. Belle and Tina winked at Ruth and Phoebus. "Well," said the Captain of the Guard, "shall we unlock that crate?"

From his vantage point at the window, Simba kept an eye on both the events inside and what was about to happen outside. In the distance he saw familiar shapes looming; the townspeople gathered in the courthouse square gaping at the unusual sight. Nodding, he said to Clopin and Phoebus, "Okay, open it up. But you ladies stand back. If that beast tries anything, I'll be on standby. Maybe it's best if we free Frollo..."
"No!," said Tina, who couldn't understand why the sudden change in plans. She thought they were simply sending Cruella and Frollo back to the void. However, something Esmeralda whispered in her ear put her mind at ease.
"Ah," Tina whispered back, "so that's what my kids and Quasi were doing. That's why Aladar left in a hurry." Regaining her composure, she said aloud, "Yes, Simba, you're right. If things get out of hand, we'll have to evacuate the building." She turned to Frollo, adding, "Sir, I am truly sorry, but looks like we'll have to cut you down."

Claude Frollo, his gray hair all mussed, robe tattered and wrinkled, and missing one shoe, fumed and roared, "Well, it is about time! Get me out of this harness at once!" To Cruella he said, "Don't believe one word these people tell you. It is all a trap!"
Cruella just sneered back, "Oh really? Tell me, Claude, did you actually send Horace and Jasper back to the void? And don't lie to me. I heard it straight from...Well, it doesn't matter. I know all about Sid's little device. What these ladies do to you is none of my concern. All I want is that marvelous blue fur."
Turning to Phoebus, she ordered, "Open it up!" Phoebus shrugged, saying, "All right, but stand back. Don't say I didn't warn you."
With Clopin and Belle holding the crate steady, Phoebus carefully opened the padlock then gingerly removed the chain.
"Don't take all day!," said Cruella impatiently, puffing madly on her cigarette. "I want to see this animal!"
Nodding, Phoebus opened the crate then quickly leapt back out of the way. Clopin did likewise and the ladies began to edge towards the wall, the remote to the torture harness still clutched in Tina's hand.

You know...Sometimes it's best to shut up and leave well enough alone...But no...Cruella had to have her way...

Cruella neared the crate, peered inside, then gaped in horror. In a rage, she roared, "It's not in here! What have you done with my blue furred beast?"
"Looking for me, Cruella?"

All eyes cast their way towards that voice. Sure enough, that 'rare blue beast' skittered across the ceiling towards the cell wherein was Frollo. That was no ordinary beast, all right. It was blue, about the size of a large dog, with enormous ears, black eyes, and nose. The creature had six legs – two of which were retractable – and each paw sported long sharp claws. Its face was unusual, almost ugly but cute all the same, the wide mouth full of razor-sharp teeth. It snarled and growled again, saying to Cruella, "So you want to make a coat out me, eh? Well, let's see you try and get it!" Esmeralda nudged Tina, who elbowed Ariel, who cast a knowing eye to Belle. Simba, still at the window, glanced back at the crowd gathering in the town square, then signaled the creature still clinging to the ceiling. "Okay," said the Lion King, "let 'er rip!" That signal wasn't lost on Frollo or Cruella, who by now realized the Mystery Hero's true identity. Frollo wondered about the strange man who haunted Carl's Diner. He never showed his face; he was all covered up in a heavy coat and huge hat. Gaston told Frollo this several days ago, and even then His Honor began to suspect there was trouble afoot. Well, when the Disney heroes recruit this one, there is trouble!


"Formerly known as Experiment 626!," said Stitch as he proceeded to lunge at Cruella. Grabbing a spare chain next to Frollo, Stitch whirled around Cruella, wrapping her in a sound knot. He unceremoniously hurled her into the cell next to Frollo then proceeded to grab the remote from Tina. With a wickedly amused glint in his eye, the little alien lifeform pressed buttons, taking an almost fiendish delight as both Cruella and Frollo bounced about the cell. Laughing maniacally, and to the marked merriment of the others, Stitch pulled levers and pushed buttons, causing the dastardly, entrapped pair to spin and swing as if on the most nausea-producing amusement ride.
"Happy-go-Pukey!," he said in his high-pitched voice. Indeed, Claude Frollo, his heart racing and stomach doing flip-flops from endless rounds in this specially designed torture harness, tried his best not to lose control, but that tight rein he usually had over his physical responses gave way.
"Oh no," he said feebly, endeavoring to hold back the unwitting wave of nausea. "Don't let me do this...No...Oh...I think I'll be sick!"

Cruella, herself quite queasy, but coherent enough to express her anger, blurted out, "It was all Frollo's fault! He was the first one out when the void was breached, and he persuaded Gaston and me to join him. He never wanted to share the power; he just wanted it all to himself. Darn it, Frollo! You and your 'well thought out' plan! Look at me! My beautiful fur all crushed and creased from being squeezed and spun in this infernal contraption. You had to have your torture chamber, and now it's all backfired on us. They had our number from the beginning...Oh, no...No! Frollo...don't tell me...NOT ON MY FUR!!"
Claude Frollo's pale face turned various shades of green as his eyes rolled back into his head. The hollow cheeks swelled as Frollo felt his insides heave. He tried to speak, but the nausea was just too much to bear.
"Uh, Esmeralda," said Tina, "I think it's time to send these guys back."
"Yeah," said the gypsy dancer, "The last thing I want to see is Frollo hurling his cookies all over the place..."
She took out the special transport device Frollo used to send Gaston back to the void. Stitch saw that, too, and said, "But I wanted to have more fun with these guys. Come on, one more spin on Frollo's torture harness!"
Esmeralda grinned and shrugged then handed the transport device to Ariel, saying, "Okay, Stitch. Give them one last whirl. This I gotta see."

Stitch FKA Experiment 626, his wide toothy mouth opening in a gleeful smile, began to sing as he pressed buttons and pulled levers. Frollo and Cruella, once again, in the constraints of the harness, swung and spun through the air, bumping and knocking into each other. Both screamed and cursed as they tried oh-so hard not to upchuck on the spot. But wouldn't you know...
As they swung to a stop, everyone looked at the villainous pair with a expression of certain disgust. Yep, all that violent spinning and swinging caused both to lose control, leaving each drenched in sticky goo.

"Oh God! Frollo, you didn't! Not on my priceless ermine coat!"
"Speak for yourself! Look at my robe!"
Ariel and Belle turned up their noses, muttering in unison, "Eww...Yuck!"
"I second that," said Simba.
"And I third – HA HA HA! This is fun!," laughingly said Stitch who handed over the spent control to Tina. The thing was beginning to spark and sputter anyway.
A panting Claude Frollo, thoroughly embarrassed at the loss of control over his nausea, and at the now-soiled state of his velvet finery, said in halting tone, "Please...stop this madness."
Clopin grinned with wicked glee, stepping up to Frollo who was still locked in the harness. He said, "Well, well. The great and powerful Judge Frollo...rendered sick to his stomach. I have one suggestion for you, sir: Don't go on any roller coasters soon."
At that, everyone roared with laughter, everyone except the two villains. Now was the time to send these the dastardly pair back where they belonged.

Esmeralda produced that special device then said, "You know, Frollo, this isn't the first time you tried to escape. Once you and Cruella are back in the void, we'll make sure you won't escape ever again. Sid obviously will pay for his little prank, that is making this thing in the first place." She nodded to Simba, adding, "Tell Aladar we don't need the reinforcements after all. I think these two have learned their lesson."
Tina, still furious with herself for playing along with Frollo and nearly becoming – Ugh! – the man's wife, turned to Esmeralda, saying, "May I do the honors? After all, it was my son who breached the void in the first place. I've already talked to Ben about his foolish behavior, and the consequences. I think he's learned from this experience. Besides, he redeemed himself when he cooperated with Quasi in helping get rid of Gaston."
Esmeralda nodded, "I understand. Here," she handed the device to Tina, adding, "Just push that red button and these two will be just a distant memory."

That said, Tina aimed the device at Frollo and Cruella then pressed the button. In an instant, a beam of bright red light leapt from the device, engulfing the villains. The heroes gathered could hear Frollo and Cruella cursing and arguing with each other, each blaming the other for all things gone wrong. Within seconds the light dissipated, leaving behind an empty harness – and Frollo's left shoe.

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