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By now you are wondering, how did Nisha and Claude Frollo meet? What is the extent of their relationship? What is that device on her car that allows her to travel through time and space? And what is the story on that pager? Read on, children, as FrolloFreak continues her tale....

Chapter Five

Ah, home at last! Claude Frollo stood oh-so-close to me as I unlocked my front door. He kept nuzzling my neck, sniffing my hair, and whispered sweet nothings in my ear. We barely got in the door when Claude suddenly clasped me tightly to him, kissing me deeply and hungrily. I could feel my head spinning, my knees beginning to weaken, such a rush of emotion coursing through my body...
When we came up for air, Claude held me at arms' length and gazed into my eyes.
"Oh Danisha...I didn't mean to come on so strongly, darling", he said tenderly. "It's just that it has been so long since I, since we..."
I knew what was on his mind, and, trying to steer things in another direction, said, "Baby, I know it's been a long time, but can we get settled first?"
Claude softly laughed, "One step at a time, my love?"
I joined in his laughter and asked, "Are you hungry, sugar? I know you haven't eaten yet, and I have some really good barbeque I bought this afternoon. Sweet and spicy, just the way you like it."
Claude Frollo smiled with approval as I turned on the lights, then he finally said, "Thank goodness for M. Edison. Now I can fully feast my eyes on your loveliness."
He looked me up and down, his eyes taking in every detail. "My sweetness, you never looked more beautiful. I like the dress. Very becoming. It highlights your coloring, your curves...oh, my dear."
I smiled. Maybe, just this once, I could believe that he was paying attention to my attire; I wore a silk shantung dress of deepest violet, very elegant and figure-enhancing. My hair was upswept in a stylish twist, a la En Vogue, held with a sparkling amethyst ornament. Matching highheeled peau de soie shoes, a gold and amethyst necklace, and oversized earrings completed the ensemble. Even my makeup followed the same color scheme, right down to the deep-violet lips. Now I am by no means skinny; in fact, I am what you would call a "healthy" girl. Not fat, but all womanly curves and pleasing-to-the-eye fleshiness. But why should I apologize? I guess Claude liked what he saw because he couldn't stop checking me out.
"Claude", I said, "why don't you put on some music while I change. Then I'll fix us a nice supper."
He looked somewhat disappointed and said, "Why? Darling, you look stunning! Why deprive me from drinking in all that beauty?"
"Claude, I've been standing in these shoes all night. Besides", I paused, trying to think of an excuse, "have you ever tried getting barbeque sauce stains out of silk?"
Claude laughed good-humouredly and said, "All right, my love, if you insist." He smiled and narrowed his eyes. "Dressed up or down, you are still ravishing."
I returned the smile, "Make yourself at home, sugar, as you always do."
From my room upstairs, I soon heard the strains of the Crystals, Fats Domino, the Ronettes, and classic Motown. Gosh, I guess he really likes that old stuff, just as I do. I stifled a giggle as I remembered how Claude Frollo got himself all worked up when I sang "Heat Wave" at that street party in Paris that summer. It was so funny, with him trying to remain his usual, straight-laced self while his blood was literally boiling with desire. Of course, at the time, I really didn't know how much I truly affected him.
I returned downstairs to find that Claude had started a cozy fire. What is it with this man and fireplaces? It was a chilly late-September night and a fire added the right touch. He made himself at home all right, I thought with a chuckle.
After a short silence Claude commented on my casual wear - just blue jeans and Indiana University sweatshirt.
"What's this? Universitatis Indianensis, and they couldn't do cream-and-purple?", he said as he tried to keep from laughing.
"Real cute, Claude", I said, noting the swipe at I.U.'s real colors: cream-and-crimson. He smiled broadly, adding, "You DO look rather fetching, Danisha. Even if the shirt hides your curves a bit, the jeans certainly make up for...oh have the most delicious shape." With that, Claude took me in his arms again and sweetly kissed my lips.
"You do realize I had not planned on this. But things turning out as they did, I'm glad to be with you again, my darling. I thought of you all day, and, oh Nisha, the feelings I get when I do think of you." He continued to hold me close, kissing me over and over, and rocking me ever so gently. It had been a long time, and I was grateful to have this man here with me, if for only a brief time.
"I love you, Claude Frollo. Even if you had a hundred women, I still love you. You're the sweetest, most wonderful, most exciting man I've ever met." I kissed him back, and Claude Frollo, in a deep, sweeter-than-molasses voice, said, "My dear Nisha, I know you love me. I know how deeply you care for me. Why do you think I keep coming back to you? You don't have to answer that, for I can see it in your eyes." He kissed me again then unexpectedly said, "Come to think of it, I am rather hungry. Now where is that delicious barbeque you were raving about?" "This way, baby", as I led him into the kitchen.

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