"How long have I been out?", I groggily asked Claude, who was now rocking me in his arms and stroking my hair. The room was dark except for a few candles Claude had lit. I could hear the cathedral bells in the distance. He kissed me tenderly and his mouth broadened into a smile. "Judging by the bells of Notre Dame, nearly two hours. I had a feeling this would be too much for you; I felt it best to let you sleep off the shock."

He was right; I had passed out after Claude revealed the real reasons Iáwas brought to medieval Paris. Fern had come to Paris several times during the previous winter and spring; come to think of it, her visits coincided with her hitting the lottery. She met Claude Frollo, gained his confidence, and became a spy. Claude felt that Fern's American Heartland demeanor would be the perfect ruse in apprehending petty criminals. He soon became fascinated by Fern's quick wit and keen intellect; Fern's 'hick-from-the-sticks' mannerisms belied a sharp mind.
Fern told Claude everything: The time-travel device, about Jacki, the specially equipped 1959 Chevy, and, she told him about me. "She told me all about you, even showed me your picture." Claude kissed me as he continued. "I was truly fascinated, Danisha, so much that Iáwanted to meet you, perhaps become better acquainted. I'm glad you accepted her invitation, to come to Paris."

Even in my half-conscious state, Iáhad a tough time believing all this; I mean, how could a 15th century man be introduced to 20th century women, only to find out the truth, and not accuse us of being witches?
Claude smiled as he immediately explained, "My love, kindly leave the superstitions to the common crowd. I'm not as close-minded as some would have you to believe." He knelt before me, kissed my hands, and continued to explain.
"Darling, did it ever occur to you why I didn't laugh at your comment, 'I like reading New World history'?" I looked at him with astonishment. " I remember...I mean, Iáwondered...", Iástammered, still trying to fathom it all.

"My love", Claude continued, "I will not pretend to understand everything about your country, your time; but for once in my life, Nisha, I feel I have been given a wonderful gift..."
He paused to kiss my mouth and run his fingers through my hair, then he continued, "...and that's the opportunity of finding a love that transcends all time and space.."
Claude kissed me again and I couldn't help but respond to his every caress. Then I asked him, "So that's where you got the whiskey, from Fern?" Claude nodded as he walked over to table, picked up the Mason jar, and replied, "She gave this to me last winter; I had a slight cold at the time and she said it would help. It is rather good, although I rarely indulge in strong drink."
"I enjoy a good shot of whiskey every now and then", Iáoffered, now feeling more like myself, although I was still somewhat in shock from all the secrets revealed. "Fern always keeps it Mason jars", I continued laughingly, "She said it reminds her of her childhood...You see, Fern's great-Uncle Virl kept a still..."
Claude joined in my good humor, "I believe she told me he kept it hidden in the woods, not too far from...what was the name of the town?"
"Beanblossom, Indiana", I answered, "right in the heart of Brown County." Claude chuckled as he opened the jar and poured a little of the contents into a small glass. "Odd name for a town. Quaint, but odd", he said as he offered me the first sip.
I feebly tried to protest, "Claude, I usually don't drink hard liquor in the summer, but..."

I took a small sip, rolled the whiskey around inside my mouth, then felt it burn as I swallowed. I handed the glass back to Claude, who in turn took a taste. "Ooh", he sighed, as he swallowed it, "that is...mmm..."
His mouth curved into that famous, broad smile, and I, having regained my bearings, joined in his good humor. We soon broke down in laughter and relief; Iáfell into Claude's arms. "Claude, I love you!", I said, kissing his lips. He returned the kiss and held me close. "And I love you, Nisha darling..."
He kissed me again, then said at last, "Do you and Fern still have it?"
"Have what, baby?", Iáasked, uncertain of his inquiry. "The machine...the one that plays your 20th century music."

Once again, I was taken aback. "You knew about THAT, too?", Iáasked, wondering what else Fern told him about 20th century American life and culture. Claude looked at me, his eyes clothed in smiles and sparkles.
"Oh my dear, Fern gave me many insights to your culture; and Iámust say, your American music is rather fascinating...perhaps somewhat harsh for our 15th century ears...but fascinating nonetheless."
I stared at him in amazement. "What other surprises are you gonna spring on me, Claude Frollo?" Claude burst into hearty laughter as he refilled the glass, then, settling himself on the couch, said, "I believe all secrets have been revealed...Now... a little music, my dear."
I walked over to the cabinet where Fern and Iákept the CD boombox and began selecting a few discs, then Iáglanced over at Claude who was smiling pleasantly and started giving me steamy, come-on looks.

Look at him sitting over there, smiling and looking at me like nothing happened....
I mean, he comes over...I cook him a nice supper, and expect a romantic evening...then he KO's me by telling me he knew Fern and everything....I'll play him some music all right...

I selected a steamy assortment of country tunes and old R & B. "Claude", Iásweetly said as I loaded the CDs in the machine, "would you like me to sing to you?" Claude Frollo raised an eyebrow as he took second sip of whiskey. "My darling, Iáwould love to hear you sing. You have such a lovely voice." He smiled again, adding that he remembered hearing me sing to the children. "But Claude, those were kids' songs..", I paused, taking great care not reveal my 'surprise', "How about a nice love song?", Claude said as he grinned broadly. "A sweet, tender love song...I would love to hear it."
"Whatever you say, sweet Claude." I tried not to laugh as I hit the play button; Iáturned to face Claude saying, "OK baby, here goes.."

Soon the blare of saxophones, the pounding of drums and bass, assailed Claude Frollo's ears like nothing he'd ever experienced. Noting his look of utter amazement, I began enjoying my little game; my body began to rock and sway to the rhythm as Iásang along with Ray Charles:

You know the night time;
Is the right time;
To be, with the one you love...

Poor Claude didn't know what hit him! Iácould tell he was getting turned on because he couldn't take his eyes off me; Iáwas enjoying the amorous expression on his face! I sashayed toward him just as the Raylettes hollered:

Baby! (night and day)
Baby! (night and day)
Baby! (night and day)
You know I love you...

Iáshimmied up to Claude, who by now was clearly aroused. He let out a sigh of pleasant approval as I sidled next to him, grinding my hips, while I stroked his silky gray hair and continued to croon the lyrics in my dark, smoky alto.

Now, I know it wasn't the whiskey, for Claude only had a couple of sips, but what happened next really took me by surprise. As soon as the song finished, Claude got to his feet, looked at me with smoldering eyes,and in a sexy, growling voice, said, "I don't remember when Iáhad so much fun...Danisha...You are...amazing!"
He drew closer to me, took me in his arms and kissed me deeply. Iáfelt a shiver of desire surge through my body. "Mmm", I sighed with delight as Claude continued to caress my neck and shoulders. Ooh!...the feel of his lips, his teeth, his tongue...his tender, yet passionate words of love. And Claude knew all the words! He moaned his pleasure as I returned each and every caress with fiery hunger.

Claude then released me and gave me the sexiest come-on look yet. "Now, my sweet", he growled sensuously as he began to slowly grind his pelvis -- a singularly deliberate, erotically charged movement, "Show me that move again."
My eyes followed his every movement - He never told me he could move like that! - as I hit the play button. Soon we were, did Iásay dancing?...
It was more like 'dirty dancing' as Claude matched my every movement, every twist and shimmy, every bump and grind. I never knew Claude was so sensual! I was almost shocked as he held my body oh-so close to his while in mid-grind. Oh!...He's so...Ooh...

He continued to caress me with his mouth, hands, and body for the duration of the song. Desire took me on a wild, mad ride; it was like riding a runaway roller coaster. I just couldn't stand another moment of contact unless Claude was going to take this seduction routine further.

Mmmm...don't stop yet, honey. There are so many vacation spots Iálong to visit...spots that WE long to visit...

When the song finished, Claude released me and stared in my eyes. His mouth twitched into a wide, sexy-wicked grin; we soon fell to floor laughing, still holding on to each other. "Honey", Iásaid between giggles, "I never knew..."
Claude rolled me on my back and kissed my neck and face. "Oh my Nisha...sweet are hardly a girl....I never knew you to be so....sensual, so uttlerly desirable." He continued to kiss and caress me; then he sat up and glanced toward the stairs. There was no need to figure out exactly what Claude was thinking; I had a feeling it would all come to this eventually.

He helped me to my feet, embraced me again as another song played. I felt another giggle coming on as the strains of Charlie Rich wafted through the room. Claude kissed me again, then guided me up the stairs and towards my room.
"When we get behind closed doors...", I started crooning the lyrics as Claude led me through my bedroom door, still kissing and caressing my face and body.

"Take the ribbon from my hair..."

Claude ran his fingers through my hair as Iáslowly loosened the buckle of his belt. His moans of desire sent a thrill through my body; he guided me toward the bed. We continued to caress each other, following droplets of perspiration to far-off, exotic places.....

It must have been close to dawn; the sounds of the cathedral bells awoke me. I watched Claude as he slept, stroked his soft gray hair and traced his handsome features. I would do this many times afterwards...
Claude began to stir, stretching that long, gorgeous, slender body. I slid closer to him. "Claude?" He opened his eyes, drew himself closer to me, and kissed my lips.
"Good Morning, darling", he began. I looked at him in semi-amusement. "Morning, honey...even though it's not quite daylight", I replied, returning the kiss. Claude chuckled as he held me close to him.

"Everything was...Oh my dear beautiful, so wonderful", he softly said, as he let his tongue graze my ear and neck. Iáreturned the caress. "Ooh baby, I love you so much....I really..."
I had to stop myself because I knew this was only temporary. As of August, the many nights of passion Claude and I had yet to share, would be just sweet memories. I didn't want to spoil the tender moments we were sharing now.
I just kissed him again, then realized that we never had supper. Oh no! The food stayed out all night; our meal was ruined!
OK, be can whip something together...

"Claude", I said as I got up and put on a robe, "Are you hungry?" Claude Frollo shot me a look that would've made Jackie Collins blush. He pursed his lips together in an 'air kiss' and said, " did you know I was still..."
I shot back the look. "I meant for food, baby!" At once, Claude and I broke up in laughter as I embraced and kissed him again. "Let's take care of our appetite for food...then...."
Claude smiled as he snuggled under the covers. "Don't be too long, dearest, for Iáam ravenously hungry."
I heard him laugh as Iáwalked out of the room saying, "Damn, for a man over fifty, you sure have healthy appetites..."


I had been awake less than an hour. It finally stopped raining, but it was getting colder. I snuggled closer to Claude in effort to warm myself.
Mmm...feels so good lying here next to him. Just like that first wasn't cold, that's for sure...

My reverie was disrupted by a knock on the door. Claude immediately awakened. "They must have found him', he said, his voice still heavy with sleep. He got up and went to the door. I could hear serious conversation between Claude and one of his guards. Then Claude returned to my side. He gently kissed me and held me for several moments.

At last he said, "The soldier, and my Snowball, have been found, and near a place that should be familiar to you." Claude didn't have to explain any further; I knew exactly what he meant.

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