On the Edge of Time

Imagine Judge Claude Frollo tracking down a very clever, and very dangerous criminal. NOT through the streets of medieval Paris, but through the pages of history. Accompanied by Danisha, his 20th Century lady, Claude Frollo witnesses some of history's greatest events.

And. just as in DIBYM, CF?, it's all Jehan's fault!

This latest Frollo epic was inspired by a Frolloesque dream this lady had during a car trip to New Orleans. Naturally, she wanted to jot down as much of this dream as possible 末 and ultimately decided to expand that dream into her most ambitious writing projects to date.

While LMGH was personal, OTEOT will put all that historical research to good use. You see, I had planned to do an American History-themed epic featuring Claude Frollo's American descendent. But that project was abandoned due to outstanding projects 末 and a demanding work schedule.

So, this story replaces the afore-mentioned American Frollo and features Claude and his lady caught in the middle of historical events 末 AND at the mercy of a extremely clever man 末 despite the fact that he's a social and psychological degenerate. And this man's presence in so many historical periods has its risks...
Do you remember the cautions of time travel?

Don't change the outcome!

Well, that's the challenge facing our time traveling lovers. And it will lead to some near-devastating consequences.
Follow Claude and Nisha as they chase down this man 末 a 15th Century man wanted for a series of brutal crimes. Our lovers will find themselves in a variety of sticky situations 末 situations that prove risky, even life-threatening. Our Hero and Heroine will also encounter the great and near-great during their Great Adventure through Time...

Uh...Did I mention that all the action takes place two weeks before Christmas?!

This promises to be one dynamite epic! And it's up and running RIGHT NOW! CLICK HERE FOR THE BEGINNING

Through Time 
Through the portals of time
We witness the march of history
And discover ourselves.

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