Who is Danisha?

NOTE: This has been updated to reflect the later fan fiction

Who is Danisha Wood, The Diva's fanfiction alter ego? Please read on You'll get a more clear picture of Danisha, and the nature of her relationship to Claude Frollo.

"Danisha" was inspired by a student with the same name. Believe it or not, this child's full given name is "DaNisha Claudine". I'm NOT lying! Check the Ripple High Class of 2000 for confirmation!
"Wood" is the family name of F'Freak's dad's cousins. FrolloFreak was told by a few well meaning friends: "Put a name on that girl! Claude's got to call her by name. He can't call her 'my love', and 'darling' forever!" :-)

While surfing Yahoo! I entered "Danisha" in the search box just for fun. You wouldn't believe the many women with that name! Anyway, I stumbled upon Kabalarians name site and found the following:
"Your name of Danisha makes you easy-going and refined, but detracts from your physical vitality. You desire all the finer things in life--lovely clothes, home, furniture, and environment. However, procrastination is your worst enemy, and you find yourself lacking the ambition to make your dreams a reality. People are inclined to take advantage of your sympathetic, tractable nature. You naturally attract people with problems who seek your understanding and advice. You can give good advice although it is unlikely that you would follow it yourself. You would be most successful in situations where you can use your skills in diplomacy in handling people, but where you are not under pressure or required to carry responsibility and make decisions. It is difficult for you to be individual and make your own decisions, for you lack self-confidence. Your desire for sweet, rich foods could cause overweight, circulatory problems, or weakness in the kidneys."

Seems to fit, don't you think? :-)

The entire report can be found On Kabalarians Name Site. I used to get most names for my fanfic characters there, before they became a pay site.

"Nisha", as she's known to her family and friends, is of average height Just shy of 5'5".
She's a "healthy" girl, but not fat. Rather, she's plump and curvy feminine voluptuousness at its finest. She wears an American size 12/14, though sometimes she has a tendency to put on a few pounds. (Nisha likes her soul food)
Nisha has dark, caramel-toned skin, large dark brown eyes, and shoulder-length dark brown hair. This hair is usually straightened; but, on occasion, Nisha will let her hair return to its natural wavy state.
She's a snappy dresser. Nisha's been known to shell out major bucks for clothes, much to the dismay of her bankbook. Hmm...Can you say, "maxed-out VISA"? :-)
She strives to be fashionable right down to the nails, perfume, and makeup. She loves hats, purses, fancy scarves. And Nisha has a passion for 3-inch spiked heels, although Claude will rail her about those "ridiculous shoes". But he likes the way those shoes make Nisha's legs extra shapely and sexy! Alas, since the birth of her child, and to ward off foot ailments, Danisha has shelved the mile-high spiked heels for dress-up only. Now we see her in 2-inch heels for business, low-heels or flats (or more often sneakers) for casual.
Claude Frollo continuously praises Nisha's physical beauty, yet there is something ab 1000 out the relationship that extends beyond the physical.

Danisha LaShawn Wood was born in Indianapolis, Indiana on October 12, 1960. Nisha's mother is a retired secretary. Geraldine Wood now writes childen's stories.
Her Dad is a retired schoolteacher. Although he holds a PhD in Sociology, Joseph Wood taught history and sociology in the local all-Black public high school for more than 30 years. (That high school has since been converted to a middle school)
Nisha holds four degrees: a BA in Sociology; an MA in American History, with a minor in Afro-American Studies; and an MS and PhD in Education.
Like her father, Nisha chose the teaching profession as her lifelong career. She is a compassionate, yet demanding educator. Nisha wants her students to strive to be the best.
Upon discovering she was pregnant with Nadine, Nisha quit her job to concentrate on earning her doctorate, and being a parent. She also started her own business, DLW Inc., an educational consulting firm and think tank.

Danisha has had many suitors, before Claude Frollo. There was one relationship, that Nisha abruptly ended three months before her initial meeting with Claude. This relationship, and its impact on Danisha's life, is documented in Lead Me Gently Home (accessible through Fanfic collection #1). There was also that first serious romance that nearly resulted in matrimony, but tragedy prevented the lovers' future happiness. Danisha blamed herself for this. THAT romance is detailed in People Like Us, F'Freak's final Claude/Nisha epic.

Essentially, she is warmhearted, open, and compassionate. She can be the best friend one could ever have. Nisha is always there to lend a friendly ear, express a kindness, or make one laugh. She is a good confidante. Danisha has the ability to look beyond the surface, and discover the good in everyone. It's this openness and warmth that has won her many friends. She's a hit with children Claude Frollo marvels at Nisha's way with kids. It was what attracted him to her: Claude first saw her in the square playing with 1480s Parisian youngsters.
Because of her upwardly mobile status, and her connections with local celebrities, politicians, and other prominent persons, Danisha has the annoying habit of "pulling rank". That is, she can be a notorious name-dropper; she'll go on and on about her high-society friends (to her, they ARE high-society), the many social functions she's attended, etc.
It is this habit that leads people to think Danisha is "sadiddy" (a Black folks' expression for Black folks who put on airs).
Despite this behavior, Nisha believes in equality and fair-play -- a quality of which Claude will remind Nisha. She says Claude helps keep her real. .
Nisha can be violent only if pushed to extremes. She is not a violent person by nature, although she can give an adversary a good tongue-lashing. This is rare, though, as she will only resort to such behavior when those close to her are threatened or harmed. (i.e. Claude, Quasi, ANY of her family, etc.)
There is one more thing...Nisha's a worrier, despite her natural optimism. She's recently stopped smoking, although she'll occasionally sneak a cigarette. She also likes her whiskey and other strong drink. Nisha will indulge these habits only when something is bothering her to the point of total distress. Claude will often admonish her about these vices; he cares for Nisha's well-being.

Because of her education, and habit, Nisha is an avid reader. The reading material of choice is usually American History, literature, folktales, and sociology. Her book shelves are filled with African American literature and history. More than likely, while staying at the Palace of Justice, Danisha will have her head in a book.
Nisha is musical. She plays piano well, though not expertly. She loves to sing -- mostly the music of her childhood -- Classic Motown, blues, jazz, even a gospel song. Nisha's voice is a dark, smoky alto; her voice has been compared to those of Sarah Vaughan and Anita Baker.
She's domestic -- loves to cook, crochet, cross-stitch -- she says it keeps her real, down-to-earth. As stated earlier, Nisha loves a pleasant social gathering -- a good excuse to dress up and have fun.

Danisha met Claude the summer before his "fatal" attraction to Esmeralda. Their initial meeting and subsequent affair is well-documented in the Claude & Me fanfiction series. See Fanfic #1 for these titles.
Danisha and Claude are, first and foremost, friends. They share a bond that goes beyond the bedroom door. Because she's well into her thirties, and the fact that she's been through enough bad relationships, Nisha has come to the conclusion that marriage is out for her. So why does she hang onto Claude Frollo? Or, for that matter, why does Claude hang on to Danisha?
Danisha came to the realization long ago that Claude would never be a "one woman man", and there was no way she could change him. She and Claude have this "understanding".
She turned down his marriage proposal -- mainly because of his one, true weakness. There's the fact that Claude is 500-plus years her senior. A long distance romance and/or marriage is one thing -- A relationship that spans across time is entirely different.

"Then there's that pesky color line -- Honestly, some folks just won't let go of petty prejudices...Can't they see? Can't they see that this special man and I have a good thing going...?"
Maybe not such a big deal in his time, but in HERS...

Both understand this (and that), and both strive to treasure what they have together. "After all", Nisha rationalizes, "He doesn't beat me; he doesn't belittle me. He is not ashamed or intimidated by my intellect, success, or education. He accepts me for who and what I am, just as I accept him despite his personal quirks and idiosyncrasies."
For the most part (with the exception of OtEoT), Nisha chooses not to help Claude with his official business. Being a time-traveler has its risks -- she doesn't want to affect historical outcomes. Rather, she acts as a confidante, a shoulder to cry on, someone who can lift Claude's spirits when he's feeling down.
Lean On Me just may well be Nisha's theme song when it comes to her devotion to Claude Frollo. More than once, she has been there to rescue Claude from embarassing, sometimes life-threatening, situations. "I truly lean on you", Claude has said to her on more than one occasion.
As one of my longtime visitors observed after reading the fan fiction, "Danisha epitomizes the essence of a good Black woman. Strong, patient, resilient, devoted to her man and child. Even a man like Claude Frollo responds to her, and is a better man for knowing her and sharing in her strength."

As of the previous (06/11/03) edit, there was trouble in paradise...But everything is cool now. :-)

Because Danisha is a time traveler, her relationship with Claude Frollo is unique. Somehow, she learned of his other women. This was revealed to her by Fern, who was briefly a Frollo spy long before Danisha set foot in medieval Paris. Claude only told Nisha so much...but only after she confronted him. (This was implied in BTTF).
So...where do the rivals stand with Danisha? She's very realistic , so serious rivalry may not be a problem. Deep down, she wishes Claude was fully unattached, with no "excess baggage". But she accepts what she has with Claude, and let's everything fall into perspective. Nisha can be somewhat possessive with Claude -- more like his protector above anything else. She'll be cordial to her rivals, that is if they return the kindness.
Oh yes, can't forget this...Nisha and Claude are now proud parents of Alma Nadine Frollo, born June 10, 1999. Nadine was introduced to readers in "On the Edge of Time", and she pops up "Secrets, Lies...And Stolen Time." Nadine's presence is more prominent (and her actions help drive the plot) in "Music Lessons" and "People Like Us".
When a child is involved, things take on a whole new perspective...

Please do not do anything...ANYTHING...that may cause Claude Frollo physical or mental harm. Nisha will definitely want a piece of you!

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