Call 1-900-Claude Frollo

Part Two: The Call

I sat in the restaurant, waiting for Claude. What's taking so long? He said he was just going across the street to buy some flowers for me. After nearly a half-hour, Claude Frollo returned to the table, smiling broadly and carrying a bouquet of tulips. Oh Claude, you know how much I love tulips...
But I was still ticked with him being gone so long. Plus there was that mysterious telephone call Claude made at my home. He still wouldn't reveal any details, other than he wanted to 'surprise' a special lady. Well, I'm the only lady with him now; unless, Claude's got himself another woman. Honestly! How does he keep up? Vitamin E shots?
"My darling Danisha, that is a wicked-woman smile. Now, love, what are you thinking?", asked Claude Frollo as he spotted me covering a broad smile of my own.
"Claude", I finally told him, "you have simply got to tell me: What is going on?" Claude Frollo eyes met mine as he sipped his wine. "My dearest one", replied Claude, "perhaps some of your kindness has rubbed off on me."
"What do you mean, Claude Frollo", I asked warily. Claude Frollo smiled, saying, "Let's just say that a certain young lady has found a little sunshine amongst the dark clouds."
'Little sunshine', my foot! I finally realized what Claude was up to, but to what extent, I didn't know.
When I finally heard the whole story, I had to summon all my courage just to keep from laughing my head off...


Dear Readers: While Nisha and Claude are enjoying a pleasant dinner, let's read about that 'special' lady. His Grace was right; she needed some - ahem - sunshine.

What a day! Faye walked into her room, kicked off her shoes, and flopped down on the bed. She had been out all day looking for work, finally landing a plum position at a prestigous law firm. "Finally!", she said aloud, "I can move out of Mom and Dad's. I need a place of my own." Faye paused as she flipped through the local alternative newspaper. "I also need a man", she said as she scanned the personal ads. "I'm sure not gonna find a man this way", Faye said dejectedly, casting the paper to the floor.
She changed her clothes, then planned to order a pizza. After all, this was her parents' dinner-and-movie night; Faye would be alone most of the evening. She searched through the Rolodex for the pizza delivery service, stooping down to pick up the paper. Wonder what band is playing at the Vogue? She flipped through the pages, then her eyes focused on something she'd never seen before.

Ladies Only!
Is your man inattentive to your needs?
Are you in need of a shoulder to cry on?
There is a solution!
For ALL your romantic fantasies
Are as close as your telephone
Call 1-900-Claude-Frollo
$4.95 for the first minute; $2.50 for each additional minute. All Major Credit Cards accepted.

Faye's eyes widened. "They've never done this for women! It's about time!" She giggled as she rifled through her purse for her Visa card. "Why not?", Faye said as she dialed the number, "I have no man, and I could use a little fun. What's $10.00 for a few minutes of fun?"
An operator requested the necessary information from Faye, then connected her with her fantasy lover. Faye's heart pounded as she waited, her breathing became heavier, her palms sweatier. Why am I doing this? This is crazy! For all I know this man could be bald, has a beer gut, still lives with his mother... Faye flopped to the bed when she heard the deepest, sexiest, manliest voice on the other end.
"Hello, Faye", said the man. Ooh...I LOVE his voice! "My name is Claude Frollo."

Faye tried hard to keep her nervousness under control as she listened intently to this man. He has the sexiest voice! I wonder what he looks like...
At last, this man managed to soothe Faye's jitteriness. They talked for hours; she completely forgot about the pizza. Who needs food? I got a MAN talking to me...Oooh, the things he's saying...He sure knows all the RIGHT words!
Faye hadn't realized that she'd been talking to this man for nearly two hours! Oh no! My VISA card's gonna be maxed out for sure...and just when I landed that job...don't need to go into debt just to talk to some strange man...

"Faye", said Claude Frollo, "I hope you'll like your new job." WHAT?! He got me that job? No wonder they liked me right away! "Now, my dear", Claude cooed, "that senior partner is a 'friend of a friend'. I thought I'd return a kindness. You are pleased, aren't you?"
"Of course, I'm thrilled, but...", Faye said. She heard Claude laughingly say, "My dear, I am confident you will be splendid. Now..."
He continued to sweet-talk Faye, cooing sultry, passionate words, while Faye trembled with ecstasy. Who is this man? Where can I find a man like this?
Then, Claude told her to "go to your local cinema; you can meet me there." He then gave her further instructions. "You will see me there. Until we meet again, dear heart." With that, he said good-bye.

Faye hung up the phone, then sat on her bed and pondered all his words. That's weird...why the movie theater? I've never seen that picture...wonder what he meant?

At that moment, her mother appeared at Faye's bedroom door. "Faye?", said Mom, "did you find a job, honey?" Faye replied ecstatically, "Yes! I landed a job with one of the classiest law firms in town! And all because some kind gentleman suggested I'd be an asset to the firm. Isn't that great?"
"Oh, honey", said Mom, "I knew you'd find a good job –– a career no less!" Faye hugged her mother, then suggested a celebration luncheon and a movie. "It'll be just us –– you, Dad, and me. We can take in that new Disney movie."


In the darkness of the theater, Faye and her parents watched the film. When he appeared, then spoke his first lines, "Bring these gypsy vermin to the Palace of Justice", Faye's heart leapt to her throat.
Oh No! That's...HIM!
Faye's eyes were riveted to this man; she hung on his every word and movement. Even her mom couldn't keep from getting all flustered.
She leaned over to Faye and whispered, "For a villain, he's sure cute...nice, manly voice." Faye whispered back, "Mom, I...that's the man who got me the job...I spoke to him last night...I swear...THAT'S him!"
Dad leaned over and shushed the women. "Will you gals hush! I'm trying to watch the movie!" That said, Faye and her mom sat, silently drooling over the man on the screen...the man who called himself Claude Frollo...


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