Notes on Back to the Frollo

What inspired FrolloFreak to write such an epic? Well... I was originally inspired by another Frollo story. The tale, The Secret History of Judge Claude Frollo, written by a "Claudine Frollo" (aka Belladonna, FSM #1), provided the spark that resulted in the work you've just read. Thanks, Bella, for writing that piece. If it wasn't for you, BttF would have never seen print.
Oh yes, and thank Bella for suggesting the title: Back to the Frollo. At the time when I was busily running off the first couple of chapters, I hadn't come up with a fitting title! Thanks, B!

So what was the original story about?
I'd rather not go into details, but I had to slightly alter the situation where Claude ends up...well...then is pursued by adoring FSMs.

BTTF was originally planned as a five-part story; however, when I finished the first six chapters, I was determined to let this 'short' tale evolve into a twenty-chapter epic.


  1. The Soldier who pulled that rotten prank...
    From the start, I wanted to do something with Phoebus, so the soldier would be Phoebus' cousin. However, by the end of Chapter 12, I decided to touch on my conspiracy theory.
    Who'd thought that my theory, already incorporated in the remaining chapters – MY ALREADY OUTLINED AND ROUGH-DRAFTED CHAPTERS – would coincide with my sister FSMs conspiracy theories!
  2. The de Chateaupers cousins were modeled on some of my old classmates. Jules and Renee are named after kids I used to babysit. Malus? Well, he's based on a kid that used to live in the 'hood - a real bad seed – I think he's in jail(!). Hence the name, "Malus"...that name came from the only Latin teacher in my building. Sort of fits..."Malus" means "bad".
  3. As stated before, Fern is based on a former co-worker. Judy Gaines is one of the best English teachers I know. She's fat, funny, has that Hoosier twang, and is extremely brilliant and gifted.
  4. Jacki is based on two former students who are real whizzes at math and science. I named her after the principal of Arlington High School here in Indianapolis. Jackie Greenwood, if you happen to read this, I want to thank you for being so supportive when the going got rough for me.
  5. Aunt Perle is based on my dad's 86-year old cousin. Bernice Wood knows everything that goes on in the family. She's so sweet! "Perle" was the name of one of my mom's friends, who passed away a few years ago. I still miss her.
  6. Kyle, or Chi, is really Fern's/Judy's son! I don't know if he can dance or play the dobro – I just threw that in for effect. :-)
  7. The Front Porch String Band? It's real, too! In reality, it's known as the Family Reunion String Band. They play every year at the Indiana State Fair, and I never miss a performance. These guys are AWESOME! If you're going to be in Indianapolis during the fair, stop by the Pioneer Farm and Home Exhibit – you'll be truly entertained.


Oh, yes...those northside haunts that FrolloFreak and Claude visit...they're real! There really is a Broad Ripple Village (my high school, of the same name, is there), a Lilly Orchard, a Monon Rail-Trail (which is busy with walkers, runners, skaters, etc.), and, of course, North Meridian Street with all those fine, old mansions.

Finally, I'd like to thank Belladonna again for editing and posting those first few installments. And thanks for helping me out on the historical angle.
Uh...If you remember Chapters 8 & 9, you'll recall that FrolloFreak mentioned to Claude Frollo that she was from the New World.
Bella corrected me on this -- 'America' hadn't been discovered yet! How could a social studies teacher let that one slip by?! :)

So, for Chapters One thru Nine, I extend personal thanks to Bella for all her tireless assistance.


I hope you had as much fun reading this epic as I had fun writing it. It was truly a labor of love.

©Copyright FrolloFreak FSM #14, 1997

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