Back to the Frollo
The Author's Cut

As of June 27, 1999, my first Frollocentric fanfiction, Back to the Frollo, underwent some minor editing and formatting.
Now this wasn't to take away from the basic plot OR from Belladonna's (FSM #1) tireless editing for Chapters 1 through 9. All I did was make the story easier to read -- paragraphing, separating quotes, etc.
I thought is was high time Claude Frollo used our heroine's name every now and then. I also think that Ms. Danisha's language could stand a little fine tuning. She's an educator, a refined woman, and her parents raised her to talk better than 'ghetto'. I got a lot of flak from the good brothers and sisters: "Clean up her mouth. Someone as educated and sophisicated as Danisha should not go around talking like she just stepped out of the projects. Claude Frollo seems like a man who appreciates that refinement so don't go overboard with the street talk and non-standard English."
So I did just that. Expect the same for the other Frollo/Nisha stories prior to LMGH.

Now, please be my guest and enjoy The Fan Fiction.

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