Updated November 18, 2009

Here are all awards and citations given during the late 1990's. Of course this was when the WWW was still very new to us, and web awards abounded. There are a few more not displayed, but I'll get them up as soon as possible.
Please note some of these award sites are no longer online.

Awarded Winter 1997. This was first displayed on the old Frollo page, when it was a separate page.

 Awarded March 24, 1998

 Awarded May 4, 1998.

 Awarded November 27, 1998

Passion Award Awarded December 2, 1998
(When I first received this, I forgot to transload the custom-made award to my server. Since then Teknobrat's site has changed – I think the site is no more :-( – and the image is now lost. Here's the 'thanks' image I got after signing the guestbook -- It makes a good substitution)

 Awarded September 29, 1999
This is one of many WebTV Awards I've received so far. I'll post the others as time and opportunity permits.

TourguideAwarded October 1999
The webmaster saw my old Titanic page (as well as the Frollo sites, and my personal webtv site) and said, "Paste this on all your cool pages". OKAY! :-) WebTV Tourguide is one of the best WebTV sites on the Net. Check 'em out!
Update as of 11/02/05: WebTV Tour site is long gone. :-(

Got this when I won an HTML_Help trivia contest. It's so nice that I display it here with pride.

That's all so far, but there's more to come, so Stay Tooned!

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