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     It used to be called Kisses for my FSM #14, then Claude Frollo's Diva, then Diva's Fanfiction Junction, and now...

     Crazedwriter's Fanfiction Repository began in October 1997 when I first got a taste of the fan fiction writing bug. You see, it was back in August of 1997 when I, having acquired my first WebTV unit thus discovering the joys of online life, surfed around for Disney movie sites. Now it is no secret that I love Disney's animated features, Hunchback of Notre Dame being my most favorite to date.
     I cruised the sites, laughed at all these starry-eyed fans wax lovingly about their favorite Disney films and characters. I found a Clopin fan site, read some of the RPG stuff, then clicked a webring link. I had no idea what this was, and I wasn't prepared for what was to come.
The FrolloZone! I thought I was alone in my Claude-adoration. How refreshing to learn there were MORE adoring fans of this character, and they wrote stories and songs extolling and praising Disney's most complex villain to date.
     So I stayed and explored the F'Zone...and stayed...and stayed...

     I read the fan fiction – I didn't know this stuff existed – then posted on the old Frollo Forum and Belladonna's (the F'Zone's webmistress and head of the Frollo lady fans) guestbook. Then came my turn to try my hand at writing fan fiction. It happened quite by accident...
     See, one of the fans posted a short-short story involving the Good Judge in an highly embarrassing situation.
     While not that racy (His Honor is posing for one of *those* magazines – LOL!), the story was so funny that it failed to offend. So I thought, why not write up all those stories that had been running in my head since June 1996, come up with a plausible plot that follows up on Frollo's embarrassing situation. Give it a good dose of humor mixed with heady romance and a dash of drama.

      So I wrote the first entries of Back to the Frollo which were at first featured on the FrolloZone. Belladonna, who so lovingly edited Chapters 1 thru 9, suggested the title because of the time travel involved. When I got the courage (and the HTML skills) to make my own site, I just took it from there.

      What started as a one-story site soon evolved in quite the Internet shrine to Judge Frollo, and the fan fiction swelled into this huge and very Mary Sue, highly improbable and imaginative saga. I didn't know about "Mary Sue" until many pointed that out to me. I know better now.
     Naturally the stories served as therapy for me – I simply had to get the man out of my system. The site itself, in recent months before the renovation, became somewhat an embarrassment to me, what with the blatantly Mary Sue fan fiction and all this over the top fangirl-gone-wild. Something had to give...

     In the fall of 2004, I felt the site needed a complete overhaul, and since I was including Dinosaur fan fiction and wanted to add on more non-Disney stories, this site had to lose its fangirlish Mary Sue tone. CWFR became a reality, and all those early stories and cute-funny pages had to be remade to reflect the later changes. As you read the stories, from BTTF to the Dinosaur fics, you will notice less Mary Sue, better developed plots and defined characters, less fangirl gushiness.

     And I had to say "Good-bye" to my former web host, after 8 long years...You know, change is good!

     While the "FrolloFreak", "FrolloDiva", "Fanfiction Lady" presence is still very evident all over this site, I feel my HoND fanfic and "Claude-adoration" days are, for the most part, finished.
     I want to turn my attentions to fan fiction inspired by other favorite TV shows and movies: Gunsmoke, Land Before Time, Harry Potter, Star Wars, the OZ books, and ABC soap operas.

      So read and enjoy the stories, song parodies, and all those cute fluffy fun pages. I appreciate feedback, so please feel free to contact me at either of the addresses linked below. And thank you for all your visits and support!

Pam AKA "Crazedwriter"

Yes that is yours truly!

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